Recording Department

The County Clerk's Recording Department is responsible for receiving and recording all documents pertaining to real property (real estate). This department acts as agent for the Oklahoma Tax Commission for the sale of Revenue (Documentary) Stamps, which are affixed to the property deeds

Electronic Filing

As of August 01, 2004 the Tulsa County Clerk's office began accepting documents filed electronically. You may contact the companies listed below who contract to send your original scanned documents to the Recording Department. Upon receipt, the documents are reviewed and accepted or rejected. If accepted, the document is assigned an instrument number, along with the complete filing information. The filed document is then returned electronically to the submitter.

To participate, contact:

Simplifile at 1-800-460-5657

eRecording Partners Network
888-325-3365 Ext 11240

Corporation Service Company,[CSC]



Indecomm Global Services

Legal Documents filed here

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Releases
  • Fictitious Partnerships
  • Physician's Liens

Documents are accepted for recording Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Guidelines To Preparing Documents.pdf

Fee Schedule

1.Recording the first page of deeds, mortgages, or other recorded instruments$13.00
Additional pages of the same instrument, per page$2.00
2.Recording a plat of a block or less$15.00
3.Recording a plat of more than a block$30.00
4.Furnishing photographic copy of records, per page$1.00
5.Certifying a copy of our records$1.00
6.Release of MMLNo Fee
7.Judgment's, Release of Judgment$13.00
Filing additional pages, per page$2.00
8.Execution / Renewal of Judgment$5.00
9.Filing a materialmen’s/mechanic’s lien$15.00
Filing additional pages, per page$2.00
Mailing a notice of materialmen’s/mechanic’s lien$13.75
10.Recording a Physician's liens, hospital liens, ambulance liens, personal liens$15.00
Filing additional pages, per page$2.00
11.Recording a fictitious name certificate$10.00
12.Recording garnishmentsNo Fee
13.Non-conforming documents$30.00
Filing additional pages, per page$10.00
14.Copies of Plats (51 OS 24A.5)
11 x 17 (all pages inclusive)$5.00
24 x 36 (priced per page)$5.00
15.Notary Fee$5.00